Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Busy Week!

I've been trying to store up as much Jackie time as possible before she dives head first into her PhD research at the National Archives, so we've done a lot together over the past few days. On Monday during the day we went to the Louvre because she had never been, and it was fine for me because we visited Napoleon III's apartments, which I had never seen before, plus a bunch of tapestries and other medieval objects. That's what I love about the Louvre...the collection is so extensive that you visit multiple times while having a completely different experience each time.

Medieval jewelry holders?

Empress Eugenie's tiara!

I could throw a pretty awesome party in some of those apartments...

And today was May 1, a holiday where all of the H&Ms are closed, and I didn't have work either. We started out at a picnic at Park Monceau with Rachael, and then got coffee on Rue Mouffetarde
followed by Berthillon on Isle St. Louis. Then, as we left the island, we saw THE biggest macarons EVER in a window, so of course we had to get one. No joke, it was the size of a small hamburger.


On another note, people keep asking me if I'm homesick, but I'm not. I'm just really excited to be home in 2.5 months! I do miss my sorority friends terribly, however. Basically, I just want to be less than 9 hours apart from everyone.

But some things distract me from missing them. Like yesterday, when I came home from the Louvre, and Juliette and her other 12-yer-old friends were making crepes from scratch while reciting lines from The Imaginary Invalid. I can't make this stuff up! And Juliette's mini preformance of her scene is due tomorrow, so tonight I helped her practice tonight while she was wearing a white flowy shirt with a black vest and a floppy black hat (all over her striped pajamas. They were stripes even to bed here). Things like this remind me that I am having fun. 

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  1. My first macarron was that big...in Vancouver, and it was amazing.
    PS I won't ask you about being homesick anymore.