Friday, May 25, 2012

Ice Cream on the Ile-St-Louis

Today was great. First, Sarah and Rachael and I had breakfast in Montmartre (coffee in bowls!), and then we met Mariene on the Ile-St-Louis for Berthillion ice cream (mine: cassis and rhubarb). Sarah and I came to the joint conclusion that cassis (i.e. currant) is the Best Flavor For Everything (or at least for Berthillion ice cream and macarons, which is all we eat pretty much). Seriously, I highly recommend you start eating currant-flavored things if you don't already.

It was hot out, and the four of us dangled our legs over the side of the island as we ate our ice cream. It was perfect, and entirely too pleasant.

Except that it's still too hot here. Paris, stop it!!

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