Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Birthday Week, Part 1!

Yesterday was the first day of the joint birthday week that Mariene and I planned to celebrate my birthday (today!) and her's which was on Sunday (which she didn't really get to celebrate because of a chest infection, even though I did get to go have a birthday lunch with her at her aunt and uncle's house in the suburbs...mmmm, duck and veal!).

Yesterday, our first stop was the Memorial de la Shoah, which was full of interesting things...I could have stayed there for a LONG time looking at everything, but it's hard to stay for too long in a Holocaust museum when you know that you have falafels waiting for you around the corner. It's free so we plan on returning when we're less hungry.

I've been to a lot of The Marais, but something I love about this area is that there are always new things to discover. Like cute little courtyards like this one and medieval buildings hidden away!

Our normal falafel place was closed, so we went to Chez Hanna instead and it was delicious. When I come back home, I will seriously miss Parisian falafels. 

And this morning, my actual birthday, I awoke to discover little notes that Juliette had left for me in my stairs before she want to school:


And there was even a present waiting for me at breakfast! So cute, thank you Host Family!

Stay tuned, lots of birthday week adventures to come!

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