Thursday, January 12, 2012

Birthday Week, Part 2!

Last night (my actual birthday) ended up being really fun. My friends and I went to a nice bar in the St. Germain area called Tennessee, and it was great because everyone whom I invited was able to come. Rachael and I decided that we're going to make Tennessee our normal bar, thanks to it's lengthy and inexpensive happy hour, easy location and good atmosphere. I took more pictures last night and none of them came out, but I had a great time and it reminded me what amazing friends I've made since getting here. Also, my number one favorite thing to do in life is to introduce my amazing friends to my other amazing friends, and it was great because I was able to celebrate with all of my friends who didn't previously know each and who I think all hit it off really well, so YAY.

Then this morning (with LOTS of caffeine in my system because of the lack of sleep from last night), Mariene and Nathalie and I headed to the the big mosque in Paris for tea, which is right across the street from the Jardin des Plantes. They have a charming little restaurant with inexpensive and delicious tea and good looking pastries, and the whole place is really beautiful. Definitely another fun thing I will recommend to future Paris visitors for sure!

Then, Nathalie and I headed to the H&M on Rue de Rennes because yesterday was the start of the Soldes in France (French retailers are only allowed to put things on sale twice a year, so these sales are a big deal!). I ended up finding the blazer that I had been admiring for ages on sale for only ten euros, down from thirty, yessss, which I paid for with my own money (don't worry, mom and dad -- this one didn't go one the credit card!). I realized today that my main method for rebelling against my mom is that I buy too many inexpensively priced blazers.

So anyway, I've had a completely wonderful week. Tomorrow, to complete our joint birthday celebration, Mariene and I have plans to bake a cake, so we'll see how that goes, mmmm. Oh, and I finished Les Miz today! So, sooo good :)

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  1. That cafe looks like Morocco!
    Glad you had a great birthday. And one can never have too many blazers, inexpensive or not.