Sunday, January 15, 2012

This is Another Post About Cats.

Upon the publishing of my last research on the subject of the differences between American and French house cats, entitled This is A Post About Cats, I was shocked and dismayed at the amount of criticism I received on my logic (i.e. Boule Boule and Tun Tun don't sleep in neat little balls in order to take up as much space as possible, therefore representing the activities of all French felines) from an aunt in New York who shall remain nameless.

Therefore, I have chosen to dispel any doubt as to my scientific method by publishing this new set of research on the same topic. In case you too may share this aunt's feelings, please be advised of the following: In order to collect as true evidence as possible, I sequestered myself with these French cats for an entire week during the family's Christmas vacation. With only me in the house as an observer, I feel I was able to gain insight into their actions in as natural a habitat as possible (i.e. without 7-year-old French girls dictating their daily activities). Furthermore, I would like to point out that in conducting this research, I chose to compare the French cats' actions to the exact same number of American cats', thereby making my results as unbiased as possible. In addition, in order to exclude as many variables as possible, I was sure to compare only two-cat households, both in suburbs of major cities for accuracy.

Here are my findings from the week in question:

Boule Boule on the table between the living room and the kitchen. 

Boule Boule watching The Wire, Season 5.

Boule Boule watcing The Wire, Season 5 while showing me his vampire teeth. 

After showing me his vampire teeth, Boule Boule got up from the couch and walked ten feet towards the kitchen, stopping on his way to take a nap.

Toundra as I found him, relaxing in Thomas' room. 

Toundra among the laundry. Almost ball-shaped, but not quite. 

A pre-vacation photo, with both cats attempting to fill up all of the non-occupied space on the table.

So there you have it. Unfortunately, I was not able to produce any photos of the American ball-shaped cats because my Southern California field reporter is apparently too busy playing Skyrim to answer my facebook requests for photos, but you can take that up with him. 

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  1. From the NY Aunt - Omg. Why did the mystery aunt from ny slog thru seven years of ivy league grad school when she could have asked her own niece to teach her all about research methods!!! She is so humbled by the genius embodied by this very important finding and the peerless and elegant scientific methods employed to arrive at such conclusions. The editors at the journal "science" have been alerted and a nobel prize in biology/feline social theory is anticipated.
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