Friday, January 6, 2012


(sidenote: "Things" or "Something" is what Lise likes to answer when I ask her a question like 'What are you doing?' that she doesn't feel it's worth her time to answer for real. Oohhh, seven-year-olds).

I found a cafe in The Marais that I liked so Nathalie and I went yesterday and drank noisettes and read our French literature (me: Les Miserables, her: The Second Sex).

Today Sarah and I had cake and paninis and then wandered around the Cluny Museum for an hour (because it's free so we can stay as little as we feel like!!).

During the French Revolution, the revolutionaries decapitated the heads of the statues on the facade of Notre Dame (the feature with the statues is called the Gallery of Kings, which is why the Revolutionaries didn't like life...but they're not literally kings, they're saints, so joke's on the revolutionaries, all that work for nothing, haha, losers!). Anyway, new heads were added to the Cathedral, but the Cluny Museum has a bunch of the originals, yay!

Also, I finally found myself in the "Thermes" room (Roman baths?) after visiting the museum twice was large. 

And outside the museum on the intersection of Blvds St. Germain and St. Michel, someone had wheeled over a piano and was playing. 

I had big plans on Saturday night to celebrate Mariene's 21st, but she started coughing up blood today so she canceled. Note to self, don't get TB. 

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  1. Oh-oh, hope she's okay. Cue the 'Mimi's Good-by' music from la boheme.