Monday, January 2, 2012

Last Day of Vacation!

The family got home from Nice last night, and today was my last "no school no activities" day with the kids before they all go back to school tomorrow.

Everyone was in a SUPER good mood with no fighting and no biting, and even unprompted, they were all being especially nice to each other, so yay!

The girls and I watched the Justin Bieber concert movie Never Say Never (special shout-out to my roommate from last year Becca!) which Juliette got on DVD for Christmas, which was super endearing and fun to watch, and Lise and I played a lot with her new dollhouse that Santa brought (it has real working electricity!). The three of us even took a walk and went to the grocery store together, which I love doing with the kids.

I hope there are lots of days like this in the future!

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