Thursday, January 19, 2012

Burbankian Visitors

Today I met up with my friend Serena, who's in town with her sister for her sister's high school graduation present.

It was so nice to see a friend from home! I was thinking a lot before I met up with her though...Paris is probably going to be the only place I live where I have visits from people who have never ever set foot in this country before. That's a lot of pressure! The obvious sights are so obvious (and I'm tired of them/saving them), and I knew that I might have only one day to hang out with Serena, which is a strange circumstance to be in when you live in a city that has tooo much to do. So we ended up going to St. Chappelle, falafels in the Marais (duh), and took a walk to St. Germain where we got macarons at Laduree. Serena's visit definitely put things into perspective for me...for these ten months, I'm living in an alternate reality where occasionally people I know make cameos, and try as I might, I will never effectively be able to show off the city because Paris is more of a way of life than a place you can simply visit. So much pressure. 

Also, I tried an Amandine for the first time. Delicious!


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  1. wait a minute there missy. you never told me you went to laduree. and besides, they are on the rive droite (champs elysee AND rue royale) not rive gauche in st. germain so you are apparently sadly mistaken. you must have gone somewhere else and THOUGHT you went to laduree.
    a true laduree expert (experte)