Monday, January 16, 2012


Lise has this thing where if she says something, she will hold firmly onto her 7-year-old opinion of whatever it is, no matter what. It happened a few times yesterday:

*Lise and Amelia Start Watching the Disney Movie Bolt (It's About a Dog, Go Figure)*

Amelia: I wonder why there are two different audio tracks in French.
Lise: Duh, one of them is people telling you what's going on (i.e. the audio commentary).
Amelia: That seems strange to me though, because the filmmakers are American so usually the commentary would only be in English.
Lise: Bolt isn't an American movie.
Amelia: Yes it's from Disney.
Lise: (looking horrified that I would even suggest such a thing) No it's not (as the big "Walt Disney Pictures Presents" flashes across the screen in front of us).

*At Dinner With the Family*

Amelia: I'm reading a book about Paris, and I just started a chapter about Philipe Auguste (a medieval king of France).
Lise: I don't care.
Eric: Lise, he was French!
Lise: Yeah, right.

Sometimes, it's really cute. And other's not.

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