Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I realized why I've been feeling so "Eh" this whole's because I haven't done anything new. I've been doing a bunch of stuff, but everything (from coffee, to museums, to walks) are all things I've done before. That's how amazing Paris get so used to seeing amazing and interesting new things so often, that when you stop seeing things you haven't seen before, you get depressed! This is probably my first week here in four months (Happy 4 month Franciversary to me!) that I haven't really experienced anything new, so while that's definitely saying something about what an active tourist I've been, I am promising myself that next week is going to be filled with new sights. It's definitely better for my mood.

My Burbank friend Serena is in town this week, and I'm really excited to see her tomorrow (we'll probably be doing no new things for me, but they'll all be new for her, and it will be fun to bring her to my favorite places at least!), and on Friday I'm going to Edinburgh until eeearly Sunday morning to visit my Burbank friend Maddie who's in grad school there. I am SO excited to go to Edinburgh, I can't even explain. No volcanos in Iceland this time, please.

It's getting colder here :/

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