Monday, January 30, 2012


Today, I impressed Lise with my ability to use ESP to tell her what her favorite animal is, using a lot of "Ohms" and making sure that our foreheads touched a lot so that my brain could hear hers. It also helped that if my brain "guessed" wrong about the traits of this animal, she would tell me, so that by the end I realized that my brain could just ask (out loud, through my mouth of course) what it looked like. BAM, turns out her favorite animal is a wolf. Oh wait, I already knew that because we play the game where she's my pet baby wolf at least every few weeks.

Then, my brain magically continued on its winning streak by being able to tell her that her favorite drink was Sprite. But it helped that she was sitting there rocking back and forth with her eyes close whispering the word "Sprite!" as my brain tried to connect with her brain waves.

Anyway, it was an AWESOME way to kill 20 minutes on my babysitting night!

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