Wednesday, January 4, 2012


On Monday night, Anne brought home a King's Cake and we celebrated Epiphany, my favorite French religious holiday (favorite because it involves my two favorite things in the world, royalty and cake). Anne told me that even while Epiphany lands on January 6th, people celebrate it really early sometimes (hence the SUPER long lines I saw at every bakery selling King's Cakes on January 1st).

When Anne was ready to cut it, Lise got under the kitchen table, because it's tradition that the youngest declares who is given as each piece is cut without seeing what the pieces look like. When the slices were in front of each of us, we started eating them, and after literally every bite, Eric acted as though he had bit down on something hard (the favor that determined who is the King or Queen of Epiphany!). We all got towards the end of our slices, and we started to get worried that our cake had come without a favor because no one had found anything yet -- but it turned out that Eric had the favor in piece after all (a little turtle!) and he had just been hiding it the whole time. So he was crowned King and he got to wear the paper crown, and then he crowned Lise as his Queen. So much fun! Why doesn't America have traditional cake-eating holidays more often??

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