Saturday, January 14, 2012

Birthday Week, Part 3!

Mariene and I successfully baked ourselves a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting from scratch yesterday whilst watching Never Say Never (the Justin Bieber movie). Delicious!

And today, Rachael treated me to Sugarplum (carrot cake!). I'm done with cake for (this) weekend, I promise.

Also, some happenings of the week:

1. I've been really smug lately about my superhuman tolerance to the cold weather compared to everyone else. But today when I went to Paris in a sweater and my new blazer, I decided that maybe I was being too smug. Stupid weather.

2. Yesterday, Lise was telling me about her weekly English lesson in school, where they're learning how to describe how they feel: "Happy, that's h-a-p-p-y, fine, that's f-i-n-e, angry, that's h-u-n-g-r-y...". But I guess I shouldn't have been surprised about that last one, on account of how particular French people can be about the quality of their food. Once my language teacher told us that she brings her own cheese with her on vacation.

3. More soldes success! Super cute shirt from The Gap for less than 5 euros!

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