Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back from Brittany!

It was fun, I spoke a lot of French and ate a lot. We were there for Pascale's birthday (and I think someone's anniversary?) and there were about 30 people. I couldn't really tell who was related to who in what way, nor can I remember anyone's name, but everyone was really great and it was a good weekend.

It was also (obviously) fun to see my French cousins and aunt IN France for once. Julie and I played this game with the other girl who was there who was 13, and it involved calling out the names of the pictures printed on the cards, so I picked up a bunch of new vocabulary by playing. Also, I had managed to never actually learn how to conjugate s'asseoir, which means to sit (I have avoided using it up until this point in my life), so Pascale's mom helped me run through the different tenses of it, which was much appreciated. It was very rainy, so there was also a lot of talk of escargots and limaces (slugs, new word for me!!). Also, at one point someone started talking to me, and I had absolutely no idea what she was saying because it was so fast, and then she apologized and said that she had heard me talking to someone else earlier and she thought that I was more fluent than I was, which is pretty much the best compliment that she could have given me.

I made Paul take a walk with me. 

Memorial to the people in Loyat who were deported to Mauthausen in 1944. 

Cute little Breton house. 

The soiree!

Giant seafood lunch at Pascale's aunt's house right before we drove back towards Paris. 


Chez Pascale.

It was really fun (if wet) weekend, and now I can cross another region of France off my list :) 

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