Thursday, June 7, 2012

Weather in June

This morning started out with pleasant weather. Lewis and Mariene and I decided to try a place near Montparnasse called Bagels & Brownies. It was good. Lewis had never had either a bagel or pastrami before (England is apparently lacking in some pretty basic things I guess), so we each got a bagel with both, mmm.

Then, as Mariene and I were walking home, it started POURING rain.

The view from Mariene's window.

Then two hours later it was too hot and too sunny, errrgh. Apparently this is what June is like here.

Also, Mariene and I agreed that we have a really low tolerance for doing things. All we had done today was eaten bagels and tried on one dress each at H&M, and already we were exhausted (welcome to my world). I went home and slept for over an hour, which is a lot because normally I wake up naturally very well rested after 20 minutes. Also, I was sleeping over one blanket but under the light brown furry blanket, and I happened to be sleeping all scrunched up in a little ball, and it was the most comfortable nap EVER, and in my half-dream sleep I remember thinking that is is what it must feel like to be a cat. It was awesome, I'm going to be day-dreaming about how good that nap was for a while.

Speaking of cats, both of ours have been pretty funny lately. One of Lise's Barbies (Merliah, the mermaid) has been soaking in a tupperware full of water for the last few days because it's supposed to make her magic tattoos appear, though no such luck so far. Her little bath is sitting on the kitchen counter, and even though the cats have their own water bowl, I've walked into the kitchen multiple times over the past few days to find them drinking water out of Merliah's tupperware. They don't seem phased that there's a naked mermaid soaking in it. 

And on an entirely unrelated note, Lise has been obsessed with Titanic ever since the 3D release came out a few months ago, even though she's never even seen the movie. Last night when she was taking her bath, she had me recount the entire plot to her. And today she really wanted to see Jack's death scene, so we watched it on YouTube. And then she did an impression of sharks eating him (complete with sound effects) as he sunk into the water, which was the highlight of my day. 

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