Monday, June 4, 2012

Lazy Monday

Sometimes I just really like to stay in all day and do NOTHING (and by nothing I mean eating really low calorie foods and catching up on HBO shows). I usually stay in about once a week, but I'm going to try not to anymore since there's so little time left here. But I might change my mind about that. Even as someone who lives here, Paris is so exhausting that it's hard to wander around for 7 days a week.

Today work was fun. Juliette & Lise and I played outside until close to 10PM, because it was still realllllly light out. We mostly played volleyball and "Pig" (i.e. keep-away with tickling. I added that last part). Normally on Mondays when I babysit I can't wait to go downstairs at 10 after they've gotten in bed, but today we were having so much fun together that I was kind of sad to leave them. I'll miss being silly with them (our newest phases: singing entire Britney Spears songs together one word each at a time, and making up new songs that will make us famous when Justin Beiber discovers us [the working title of our latest effort is "Monster Face", inspired by Lise's ability to cross her eyes while smiling with one tooth sticking out]. We also made up a specific gesture and voice to use when we say the word "cat" (even in words like "catch" and "catepillar"), so we spent a lot of time tonight putting that into practice.

Ahhhhh, so many feelings associated with leaving a place you've been living for what will be 10 months!

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