Friday, June 8, 2012


Mariene really wanted to experience shabbat on the Champs Elysees, so we went together tonight, and it was perfect because neither of us have any idea what we're doing.

Also, tonight was more proof that there is something wrong with every cute guy I meet. We ended up sitting with some really nice, REALLY cute guys from New York and New Jersey who looked totally normal, but then it turned out that they had met at Yeshivah University (i.e. not dateable). Oh well. They were really fun to sit with at least. Something else we discovered through the course of the meal was that they had just come from a few days in Spain, and they were obsessed with Don Quixote, and if we had wanted them to sing us the entire score of Man of La Mancha, they could have (we didn't).

Also, Lise was extra cute this morning. For the entire 50 minutes that we hung out before she went to school, she insisted on getting everywhere she needed to go by crawling under a blanket. She couldn't see under it, and at one point I almost got her to crawl out the front door, but she figured out what I was up to just in time. It would have been extra funny too because she was only half-dressed under the blanket, due to an unfortunate orange juice spillage on her pajamas during breakfast.

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