Thursday, June 28, 2012


Some Recent Lise-isms

Today, as soon as I picked her up from school:

Lise: Tundra is married.
Me: ...What?
Lise: The cat of my friend Leonard (their neighbor whom she goes to school with) is going to have babies. And it's with an orange and white cat, so it might be Toundra! And maybe we'll get some of the kittens!

I know for a fact that Tundra has been fixed so it's unlikely that he is this cat's significant other (Lise literally uses the word married). I tried to explain this to her, but she still spent the rest of the day trying to get in touch with Leonard to figure out with Tundra was in fact involved.

A few days ago:

Me: ...But you can also make a Shirley Temple with 7-Up if you don't have Sprite. Do you have 7-UP in France?
Lise: (counting on her fingers), we have them in six here.

She was Not Good today, but her cute days make up for her bad ones. On another subject, today was good because I had a chance to say goodbye to some people who I thought I wouldn't get to. Every Thursday when I drop Lise off at Ballet, I usually spend some time with Steve, who is her friend Alana's grandpa who's dropping her off, and Alana's brother Luke, who's 5 and ADORABLE. They're really great -- Steve is American from Brooklyn but he's lived in Paris for 40 or 50 years, and his now-adult children were born in Paris and went to bilingual schools (and obviously speak French and English because their parents were American), and one of them now lives near San Francisco while the other lives here in Clamart (Alana's dad). Alana (who is Lise's age) and Luke also go to bilingual schools in Paris and have lived here all their lives so they speak French too, but their English is even more perfect than Lise's, since their parents are American and Irish. I've met everyone in the family separately at one time for another since sometimes Alana gets dropped off by different people, and they're all really wonderful. I think it's really cool that they've made their lives here, but are still able to maintain their American (and Irish) identities, even though some of them have lived here their entire lives.

Luke and I have definitely bonded, over tickling and playing I Spy With My Little Eye while we wait for the girls to finish class. A few weeks ago, Steve and Luke were going to go to the park next door to play and they asked if I wanted to come, and I couldn't that day but I promised I would come the next week. So when I found out later that that next week's class (the last class ever!) was canceled, I was genuinely devastated because I had become good friends with them and I was upset that I wasn't even going to get to say goodbye. But it turned out that the teacher had added a class today, so I was able to go to the park with them after all and Luke and I played a (very long) game of hide and go seek :) I'll miss them, they were really fun.

Today Sarah and I went to go see Moonrise Kingdom, which I really enjoyed and would recommend (it takes place during the 1960s!). Also, it was VERY WARM today. I don't like it.

Friday tomorrow!

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