Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fun Sunday

I got to start out my day by doing absolutely nothing but watch The Sopranos until 2PM, which was great.

I met up with Lewis and we went to Coutume, our favorite cafe in St. Germain. It's very high-tech and sciency. It's expensive but the coffee is arguably better tasting than anything. He had never been to the Mosque before and it was raining, so we left the 6th and went to that part of the 5th for tea. The Natural History museum is right across from it, so we were going to go in but it was closed (when it's this light out I lose all sense of time). So instead we walked down the middle of the park past the zoo. Some of the cages are visible even if you aren't in the zoo, so we were able to watch a red panda eat lunch for a few minutes. ADORABLE.

After that, I met up with Erica (who goes to school in DC and whom I met at Shabbat) and her friend Ilana so that we could go to a going away party in the 2nd for someone we know who is going back to Israel. It was really fun -- it was in a really well laid out and pretty bar that had happy hour until midnight (!), and there were a lot of really nice people there. I've met about a million fun Jews just when I'm about to leave, go figure. It was really good for practicing my French (and for practicing listening to French with Israeli accents, too). Eventually Mariene and Sarah met me there and they got to meet some of the people I've been hanging out with lately, and then we left. We were going to go to falafels again (yes, we had just been the night before but I was in a Jewish mood), but it was raining, so we went to the Latin Quarter for kebabs instead. C'est la vie.

I haven't seen the kids literally all week, and I'm actually looking forward to hanging out with Lise in the morning. Ahhhh, I think this means I'm going to miss them :(

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