Friday, June 22, 2012


I've been collecting photos of some of the houses in my suburb over the past few weeks, because I get to look at really pretty houses almost where ever I go in Clamart. We have our fair share of boring apartment buildings too, but a lot of the houses are all the same style. I think they're probably old (a lot of them have some art nouveau-esque tiles), but I wish I knew when they were actually built. Unfortunately, most of them have really ugly fences around them (probably to stop American au pairs from taking pictures of them) so most of my photos can't fully capture what the houses look like. The other interesting thing about these houses is that for the most part they seem BIG. But unlike big houses in the States with lawns leading up to them, these probably have either no yards or at least they're in the back, so all of these huge houses are right up on the sidewalk. They're kind of overpowering sometimes.

I really like this one, especially the 3D green vase! Some of the other ones have statues in their walls. 

Nice tiles. 

Not the same style, but I also like this apartment building.

This is my favorite, it's impossible to capture on film! It might be part of the church next door, it's hard to tell. 

This one has REALLY nice tiles underneath the upper window, but again, hard to get in a photo.

Hope you enjoyed your mini tour of where I live. I won't be updating for a few days because I'm taking the train and a bus to Ploermel tomorrow, to meet up with Julie, Paul, Marie Madeleine, Pascale and other people, yay!

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