Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 13th

I'll be home in exactly one month! I hope parade preparations are underway.

It's been in the 60s and raining everyday here for the past 5 days. The other day, it started POURING rain when I was with Sarah and Rachael in the St. Michel area, so we took cover under the awnings of Gibert Joseph, a used bookstore on the Blvd. St. Michel (it was convenient for Rachael who buys books a good 25% of the time I'm with her...which is often).

I obviously decided that when I got home I was going to change out of my soaking wet ballet flats into boots, but by the time I got back to Clamart less than an hour later it was warm and sunny, so I just decided to wash off my dirty feet in the shower and change into a dry pair of Ballet flats. I had twenty minutes at home before I had to get Lise from school, and I enjoyed the sunshine from inside. I left the house to go pick her up, and precisely as I reached the point on my walk to the elementary school where it was now too far to go back home, it started pouring rain AGAIN. I really should know better by now. Lise and I walked to gymnastics under my umbrella and we stayed relatively dry (if squishy), but for a few minutes of that walk it was raining probably harder than I've ever been stuck outside in in my whole life, ahhhh.

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